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Making work orders utilizing QuickBooks can enable you to plan work and streamline the invoicing for finished work. Despite the fact that QuickBooks does exclude a built-in work-arrange frame for this reason, the Quickbooks Premier and Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions performance enable you to adjust a business order shape into a work order frame. QuickBooks tracks the work orders similarly as it does usual deal orders, connecting the requests to particular clients and request.

Creating a New Work Order Template

  • Go to the Lists menu and select Templates.
  • Click Templates at the base of the drop down and after that select New.
  • Select the kind of business frame you need to use with the new layout and afterward click OK.
  • Click Manage Templates and in the Template Name field, enter the name for the new layout.
  • Alter the layout to suit your necessities.
  • If you need to change the format of the shape, tap the Layout Designer.
  • View the frame onscreen and in print preview.
  • Click OK to spare the new format with your progressions.

Modifying Sales and Purchase order

  • Go to Lists, at that point select Templates.
  • Tap the Templates button at the base.
  • Select New.
  • Select either Purchase Order or Sales Order.
  • Modify your layout.
  • You can always rename your layout by tapping on the Manage Templates catch.
  • Once done, click OK.

To apply the format on your Sales Order or Purchase Order shape:

  • Make a Sales Order or a Purchase Order.
  • Select your redid format under the Template dropdown menu.

Utilizing Sales Order to plan work process:

  • Make sure the business order feature is turned on.
  • From the Customers menu, pick Create Sales Orders.
  • Type the name of the client or employment.
  • Modify the Sales Order Template by adding the Ship Date Field to the shape, changing the field name to Date Scheduled.
  • Change the name of the format to “Work Order”.

At the point when a request seeks you to plan benefits later on:

  • Open Sales Orders, search for format named Work Order
  • Enter the date the work is to be performed in the Date Scheduled Field

Making a report that will demonstrate all future work to be performed:

  • Modify the Open Sales Order by Item Report, name the report Work Timetable.
  • Modify the report by removing the Due Date segment and including the Ship Date Segment.
  • Sort the report by Ship Date segment.
  • In the Header, include the information”Ship Date is Work Schedule Date”.
  • Memorize the report with the changes.

QuickBooks Customer Support – Call +1-800-270-1894

QuickBooks premier and the enterprise version supports additional work order features in the the software. However, adding further work order templates might end up in complexities. If you’re stuck while working on the above procedures, you can call our Quickbooks customer support team and they would assist you further with your concern. We are available 24*7 to make your software free of concerns and errors.


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QuickBooks Subscribers in Canada growing Exponentially

Intuit has seen considerable growth in Canadian Market, After USA it is the second best market for QuickBooks users and year on year they are crossing previous benchmarks. QuickBooks in Canada has already crossed 90k users and it is one of the leading accounting software in Canada.

Why Canadian businesses prefer QuickBooks?

  • Proximity to USA: With many Canadian businesses doing transaction with their USA counterpart it becomes important for those business to have a accounting base which can support multi currency and specially US dollar.
  • Customer service for QuickBooks Canada: Intuit provides 24/7 customer service to its users in Canada if you are facing any issue feel free to call the board number.
  • Local Taxes: You can do all the accounting as per the local Canadian taxes which saves you from all the hassle.
  • Pro Advisers: If you need accounting help from Canadian pro adviser there are handful of pro adviser based out of Canada those who can help you with your QuickBooks Issues.

If you are looking for any support and you are based out of Canada we at QuickBooks professionals can help you with all your issues.We provide 24/7 Quickbooks support by phone and we have experienced pro adviser those who have helped thousands of QuickBooks users.




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Buy QuickBooks on Cyber Monday Sale

We are happy to announce the Cyber Monday Sale for all QuickBooks products. To help organizations in mobilizing towards digital accounting, we are offering great deals for all versions of QuickBooks accounting software.

QuickBooks Cyber Monday Sale

QuickBooks, currently is the best accounting software available on the market. Its a simple to use tool and its user friendly interface makes it a perfect choice for non accountants.

Versions of QuickBooks

QuickBooks Desktop

The desktop version comes with Pro, Premier, Enterprise and Accountant plans. Functionality and licence price differs according to each plan. The desktop version is highly reliable and can be used for recording transactions, preparing budgets, ascertaining price of products and creating financial reports.

QuickBooks Payroll

To manage employees and employee related taxes, you can use QuickBooks Payroll. This software enables users to manage a secure database of employee’s personally identifiable information. Further, you can run payroll, prepare taxes and file them directly through this software.

QuickBooks POS

Manage Point of Sale easily at your restaurant, bar, parlour and other retail shops easily with QuickBooks POS. Record items remotely with a barcode or QR code scanner, or enter items manually. Get both software and hardware from a single place and create better customer relationship.

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

Host QuickBooks on Cloud and get anytime access to your business financial data anywhere. Further, data can be accessed from devices including your desktop, laptop and even smartphone. DRaaS is offered for free along with QB cloud hosting. Also, you’ll be able to replace hardware, maintenance, security and electricity cost with a substantially lower subscription cost.

Benefits of using QuickBooks Accounting Software

  • Record Accounting Data Easily
  • Create Customizable Reports and Financial Statements
  • Manage Inventory, Payroll and Taxes
  • File Taxes directly from the software
  • Create comprehensive Budgets

Our QuickBooks Cyber Monday Sale is aimed for transforming organization into a tech-savvy giant. A better accounting experience is just a call away. Call Now:1800-270-1894 (Toll Free.)

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QuickBooks Online Subscriber Rose to 41% to 1.6 million

Intuit worldwide leader in accounting software with products like QuickBooks online, TurboTax and other software has seen a considerable amount of growth in their profits lately resulting in good amount if earning for its shareholders.

QuickBooks Online Passes 1 Million Paid Subscribers
QuickBooks Online Passes 1 Million Paid Subscribers

Intuit has seen a growth of 9.1% increase in their earnings for the first Quarter and considering Intuit makes less revenue during the non-tax season the losses have come down for this ear with many new additions coming in.

As per the analyst report by Thomas Reuters forecast revenue will be $997.8 Million this has been taken by the markets positively giving a boost to Intuit Shares which has seen a significant increase of 17.8% over the past 12 months.

Quarter ending October 31 Intuit posted a loss of $30 million compared to last year $31 million. Existing Quarter earnings for QuickBooks will be around $1.05 Billion to $1.07 Billion.

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QuickBooks Integration with Salesforce

Every business needs to nurture leads and sales. Sales force and QuickBooks both are leading software being used by Small and medium scale Businesses, QuickBooks for tracking accounting and sales force for managing sales, customer service and prospects.

Integrating both sales and accounting is utmost important for any Business and will help businesses plan for acquiring new business and retaining old customer by providing world class customer service.

Steps to Integrate Sales force with QuickBooks and why you should integrate?

  1. Automatic Sync data: In real time QuickBooks online can be synced with Sales force which will give better insight to the Business development and customer service team.
  2. Save time: It is only one time integration of Salesforce with QuickBooks online and once you are set up properly you just have to save data at one of the software and it will be reflected on the other software.
  3. Increase productivity: This will certainly help in increase in performance for all your department and as all will be synced under one platform.
  4. Reports: You can work on all the reports like Opening balances, Credit limits etc.

We at can help you will all the Integrations needs we have not only helped customers with Sales force, we can also help your integrate paypal with QuickBooks.


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Quickbooks acquisition Of Bankstream will help Intuit user to provide connection between accountants using the accounting software and their client’s data.


How this acquisition of Bankstream will help the Quickbooks users and Accountant:


  1. Direct Bank feeds: Now with this integration customers will get direct bank feeds in to their accounting software.
  2. Reliable: With this system in place it is going to be much reliable connection and with a proper connection accounting will work seamlessly.
  3. Saving time: Customers are going to save lot of time doing accounting.
  4. Automatic Updates: You will be notified automatically updated on all the new things.
  5. No Cost involved: Quickbooks users to use this service don’t have to pay it is available for free.



“Bankstream’s strong relationships with financial institutions will help our small business and accountant customers save time when accessing bank information and improve how they manage their finances with QuickBooks,” said Dominic Allon, Vice President and Managing Director, Intuit Europe. “This gives QuickBooks users the most complete picture of their financial information so they can make informed decisions about their business.”

“Intuit recognised the value of Bankstream’s relationships that will give customers an even better experience in having direct, secure and consistent access to their bank data,” said Frank Woods, Bankstream General Manager for UK and Ireland, who is joining Intuit’s UK organisation. has a list of accountant and CPA’s those can give you pro adviser support which you can avail at your home.


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QuickBooks Online Accountant Integration with QuickBooks Self-Employed and Pro Connect Tax Online


Accounting professionals are the back bone for every small business and intuit has always acknowledged that and as per intuit there was 6% of freelance work force in 1989 which will grow to 43% in the year 2020 which is off course not that far of us and keeping that in mind we will have to


“Accounting professionals are our most trusted, important partners, which is why we are focused on delivering products and services that help them grow and become more efficient in the work they do,” said Rich Preece, leader of Intuit’s Accountant Segment, Small Business Group. “Deeper integrations between our QuickBooks and ProConnect Tax Online products enables accounting professionals to evolve into Firms of the Future, focused on meeting the needs of all their clients and delivering insights that can lead to improved growth and profitability for all.”


How is this Integration of Quickbooks online Accountant will help professionals?


  • Saving of time: With this integration of Quickbooks online accountants businesses are going to save lot of time in management of their accounts and tax filling.
  • Access unlimited support: With this feature you as a business owner will have access to the entire pro adviser those who can help you with your needs of accounting.
  • Become of part of Find a pro Adviser service.
  • Tax filing status: With the integration of Proconnect tax online you will be able to access tax filing status for your tax clients.
  • Automatic notifications: You will be working in real time with the clients enabling you to give attention when they need it.
  • One Stop shop: You don’t have to work on multiple platforms for your clients all your tasks can be done at one given place.



It is the right time for you to look in to all the integrations available at Quickbooks which will enable you to execute business with saving time and money both. You should definitely look at Quickbooks integration with G suite and QuickBooks integration with paypal both if these will help your day in day out work immensely.We can also provide you support for QuickBooks Self Employed support any time of the day.


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Apple Pay integration with Quickbooks Online   

October 2016 has been a month of full of action as QuickBooks has moved on quite a bit in the integration this month with other platforms and sensing the growth of Apple users and specially with the growth of Apple pay latest Mobile payment solution where users can pay using their iWatch or iPhone and if this is integrated directly in to the POS or accounting it can be big plus.


With the announcement coming directly from QuickBooks that it has given a facility to its small business to collect and pay invoices from its vendors and customers using Apple pay. With the Apple pay integration it has given ease to the businesses to save time and money by keeping a track of all the transactions done through the platform in a seamless environment.

Here are some of the Benefits using Apple Pay on QuickBooks:

Faster and easy payment method: As there is lot of growth in Mobile payments it becomes more or less mandatory for small businesses to offer them to its consumers as it provides the consumer easy and quick payments as they can make a payment just by a click of a button.

More traction to QuickBooks Online: There is and in future Apple pay will have a large base of consumers and businesses using it thus it becomes really important for QuickBooks to be a part of the bandwagon not only it will provide simpler payments solution but also it will attract more small business owners to opt for QuickBooks as their preferred accounting software.

If you are a QuickBooks user and you should be looking at integrating Quicbooks with Paypal, and Gsuite as well.



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Quickbooks Online Payment integration


Intuit lately has made lot of progress in integration of its accounting software QuickBooks to lot of big players in the space of Payments latest being its integration with which has close to 1.4 million users which can be benefited from this integration and it not only for users but QuickBooks which has 1.5 Million small and Medium business owners those who can use this in their day in day out Operations.



How integration with QuickBooks helps overall?


  • Bill Payments: When you are a small business it’s a daily need for your business to pay bills to small and big vendors and then over and above to track this in two platforms can become cumbersome experience for small businesses now it is a hard choice to make whether to focus on expanding business or focus on accounting. QuickBooks will help these users with better experience.
  • Helps in reconciliation: Lot of manual work means lot of unproductive work for the small business and then on top of it you have work with accountant to see if your reconciliation is matching in QuickBooks.
  • Large base: With the integration of both Quickbooks and coming together it means millions of users will get the benefit as both have a large base of customers.

Intuit Says

“Our integration with is being created with this in mind — to give business owners an easy-to-use, centralized solution to better manage their cash flow,” added Vinay Pai, vice president and head of Intuit Developer Group, in the press release.


This announcement was made during the first QuickBooks connect conference which has helped lot of businesses to know intuit better and will help all connected to QuickBooks grow faster.


This is all coming, with the recent news of QuickBooks now integrated with Paypal and QuickBooks integrated with G suite we see all these good news which is going to make the customer experience even better.


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Sync Paypal with Quickbooks Desktop


Best meets best as QuickBooks and Paypal tie up to provide unprecedented accounting power to businesses. Integrating QuickBooks with Paypal will enable online QB users to make and receive payments easily.


Steve Fusco, VP & GM of Distribution, PayPal, was assured users that “In minutes, small business owners can create an invoice in QuickBooks Online and customers can pay with credit cards, debit cards, and now, with PayPal. This is a huge win for small business owners and accountants who want to improve cash flow management and save time.”


His words can be in no way short of a convivial event for QuickBooks users. Make sure to make the best of their partnership by integrating the two together.

How QuickBooks Integration with Paypal Helps:


  1. Reach: Quickbooks users gets an advantage to use seamless Integration to 188 Million paypal users and Intuit being the most preferred accounting software worldwide now with a major presence in It gives ease to business owners to send and receive payments.
  2. Import and Export: With both the companies working towards user experience it becomes utmost important to integrate which will help the final consumer to Import data involving payments and fees in to QuickBooks.
  3. Customer Information: To save Quickbooks users from manual work now you can simply download customer information from Paypal.
  4. Transactions, Bank Transfers and expenses: You can track all this in Quickbooks software as these will be synced automatically.



Along with this QuickBooks has also made announcements with G Suite. Now you can integrate G Suite in Quickbooks which is again a big thing as there are many those who use Quickbooks and Google both.


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