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AdamFebruary 6, 20184min420

System specifications are the compatibility necessities of QuickBooks 2018 with the desktop. It is important to ensure that the software and operating system meet the minimum requirement of QuickBooks.

System Requirements Essentials

System specifications play an important role in the working of the software you’re using. With the use of extraordinary technology, QuickBooks allows you to perform well with astonishing features. However, specifications also increase with every new version of QuickBooks. The performance of the system is different when we follow the basic requirements and it enhances when the recommended specifications is achieved. In case you find it difficult to manage the system requirements you can contact our QuickBooks Tech Support Phone Number on +1-800-270-1894.

This piece would provide you the specifications for QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise for the 2018 version. Check out some key specifications of the software:

Operating System

  • All the versions of Windows 10, 8 and 7 are compatible with the software
  • Natively installed
  • QBES database server installation for Linux


  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Google Chrome Updated

Processor 2.4 Ghz and above


  • 4 GB is the minimum requirement of the software.
  • The number of users also effects the specifications of the software. Every five users need 8 GB RAM. On increasing the number of users, the RAM specifications would also increase

Disk Space

  • Space of 2.5 GB should be vacated for data files
  • Microsoft .NET 4.6 runtime – additional 60 MB
  • Intuit Data Protect requires another 4 GB RAM and 200 MB restore

MS – Office 2016, 2010, 2013 for 32 and 64 bit

QuickBooks POS V – 11, 12, 13

Turbo Tax 2016, 2015

Recommended Internet Speed 1 mbps

QuickBooks Technical Support – Call +1-800-270-1894 or Chat Live

QuickBooks is one of the finest accounting software in the industry. It has multiple features which allow the organization to grow and manage funds more efficiently. However, to use the software, it is important that system specifications are rightly achieved. The recommended provision is a better way to follow the routine more effectively. In case you are facing issues with the software, you can contact our QuickBooks Support Team +1-800-270-1894 and get assisted with the software experts. You can also chat live with our experts through QuickBooks Live Chat Support and fill in your queries. Our experts are available 24/7 to assist you with the best in-class software.


AdamFebruary 5, 20185min410

When a highly specified desktop is integrated with new generation software it gives out remarkable results. Just like fusing the Audi engine in the Volkswagen Polo or forging the steel with Damascus style would give out great results, similarly, integrating QuickBooks 2018 with Mac makes it a first pick in the fruits basket. Both Mac and QuickBooks complement each other pretty well while working together. Both the piles have rich features and high specifications which makes the working of the software simplified and efficient for the organization.

There are different QuickBooks products which behave differently with Mac. QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise have different impact on Mac. All of these products have their own advantages with Mac integration. Let us check out some distinguishing feature set available for In Mac and QuickBooks assimilation. If you have any issue related to Quickbooks Mac then contact the Quickbooks Mac support phone number on +1-800-270-1894.


  • Contact Dashboard and Management

QuickBooks Mac allows you to add general contacts along with particular specifications for each contact. You can assign credit limits, representatives, sales tax, credits and maps with the contact. Every contact has been given a separate dashboard with all the transaction history which makes the management for all the connections much easier.

  • Invoices

It is much easy to assemble the invoices with QuickBooks Mac. Once you input the customer name, the software will automatically fill in the rest of the details. Invoice can be printed and can be shared over the mail. You can customize the invoice as per your needs. The most satisfying portion of QuickBooks Mac is the invoice sound and interface which always keeps you interested and fascinated.

  • Time Management

Time in QuickBooks Mac can be easily managed through timesheets. It records all the employee hours which further allows the organization to judge the productivity of an employee and henceforth the organization. You can assign the billing time to each invoice which enables progressive invoicing.

  • Dashboard

The snapshot tab on the foot of the homepage will take you to the authentic QuickBooks Mac dashboard. The dashboard features complete graphical and practical view of the organization. The productivity is consistently visualized with time in the form of graphs to track the exact moments and the financial status of the business.

  • Reporting

QuickBooks Mac provides you with over 10 dozens of reports. Some of the reports help you in building the efficiency, some of them help in increasing the productivity and some helps in improving the company decisions. These reports are easy to fetch and they can also be further worked upon to get new ideas and information.

QuickBooks Technical Support – Call +1-800-270-1894 or Chat Live

QuickBooks Mac may generate issues since not everyone is in touch with two commendable technologies at the same time. However, in case you are prompted with errors or you’re unable to understand the core of the technology you can contact our QuickBooks Technical Support team +1-800-270-1894 and get assisted. We have the professionals of QuickBooks who would assist you with the best in class service 24/7. You can also contact our QuickBooks Mac Chat Support for live chat with our experts.


AdamFebruary 2, 20184min590

QuickBooks 2018 version is a modified and technology driven update by QuickBooks. The software is responsible to automate various procedures in an organization. There are several benefits which enhance the productivity and efficiency of the business. However, updating to QuickBooks desktop 2018 might also prompt a few errors which hinder the smooth functioning of the software.

QuickBooks Desktop 2018 update errors are a result of various inconsistencies in the software update process. These reasons might include duplicate files download, networking issues, incomplete installation, missing company file and a few more. However, these errors can be easily fixed once the cause for their origin is detected. Let us check out these errors and their resolution:

QuickBooks Error – 1719

This error occurs when your windows installer is not installed correctly or you’re running windows in safe mode.

Fixing Error – 1719

  • Select the taskbar
  • Look for Intuit update service in the process tab
  • Select end process
  • In the details tab click MSIexec.exe
  • Select end process
  • Download Windows Installer
  • Now download QuickBooks 2018

QuickBooks Update Error

This error is caused by the unstable internet connections which is the source of improper update of the software.

Fixing the Error

  • Right select the clock feature on the toe right corner of the desktop.
  • Select adjust data and time
  • Adjust the data and time to the current hours and click ok
  • Close all the software running on your system and refresh
  • Open your QuickBooks desktop and then try updating your QuickBooks again.

QuickBooks Duplicate File Error

This error is caused when the QuickBooks file is downloaded multiple times mistakenly.

Fixing the Error

  • Go to Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs
  • Uninstall the multiple files which were downloaded mistakenly
  • Re-install QuickBooks Desktop 2018

These steps would allow you to run your QuickBooks Desktop 2018 smoothly.

QuickBooks Technical Support – Call +1-800-270-1894 or Chat live

QuickBooks faces a lot of difficulties while working on the software. There are errors which could prompt you every now and then. Get support for these errors from the experts of the domain. You can call us on our QuickBooks Technical Support Number +1-800-270-1894 and get assisted. Here are the services you receive at the time of support:

  • We have QuickBooks Professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced in the domain. They would assist you with all their understanding and vast skill set.
  • We provide our consumers 24/7 assistance.
  • We also provide chat support to our customers. You can contact QuickBooks Customer Chat Support Team and get assisted live on chat.


AdamDecember 14, 20174min1460

Need to change the default message of your messages made in QuickBooks 2016? In case you’re an entrepreneur, you presumably need to influence your messages to look as much expertise as it could be. As a matter of course, QuickBooks consequently finishes email fields like the title, beneficiary’s name and different components. In different cases, however, you can accomplish a more expert looking email by adjusting these components yourself. Things being what they are, how would you change the default email message in QuickBooks?

Procedure to amend the email template:

  • From Edit menu, pick Preferences and select Send Forms.
  • Under Company Preferences, click Add format to pull up Add Email Template window.
  • Adjust the email layout as fundamental. Tap Insert Field to embed pre-constructed information.
  • Tap to check Default box and then Save.
  • Select OK to close the Preferences window.

You’ll additionally see a field to incorporate your own particular phrasing in the body of your receipt messages, or you can even include a BCC email address in case you need a duplicate sent back to somebody who works for you. This territory of the QuickBooks interface enables clients to change email formats for some structures and reports, some of which incorporate invoices, reports, articulations, deals orders, deals receipts, credit updates, buy orders, reports, pay stubs, past due payments, debt drawing near due date.

In a scenario where you need to change the mark of your messages. All things considered, this is additionally an element incorporated by Intuit’s long-running and exceptionally famous line of business bookkeeping programming.

To change your default email signature, log again into your QuickBooks account

  • Pick the Gear symbol at the upper right
  • Company > Account and Settings > Sales > Messages.
  • In the field titled “Default email message send with deals frames,” tap the drop-down menu beside the “Business” shape box and select “Receipt.”
  • From here, you can refresh your email signature in the “Email message” box.
  • When you are finished, click “Done.”
  • Congratulations, you’ve quite recently changed your default email signature!

Remember that significance between Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop may bring about various steps for changing the default email message. It is likely that regardless you require help, look for assistance from your individual facilitating supplier.

QuickBooks Technical Support – Call +1800-270-1894

QuickBooks is designed to use its features with modifications and customization in the highlights. QuickBooks has been able to drive its consumers to a new level of changing technology which in turn allows them to be more efficient and productive while working with the software. However, there are times when all the features are not used up to their limits and hence we get stuck. To understand more about the email customization feature of QuickBooks, you can contact our customer support team +1800-270-1894 and get assistance on issues you are going through. We have experts of the domain who are available 24/7 at your service to guide you for better accounting experience.


AdamDecember 6, 20173min1320

How Can You Retrieve QuickBooks License Number?

QuickBooks is an unquestionable requirement that have bookkeeping programming for the associations in the present business world. No industry can make due without Accounting. Overseeing accounts in an appropriate way are the key factor to run organization effectively. In beneath given article you will become acquainted with how to recover your QuickBooks Product and License Numbers effortlessly and in a flash with the assistance of a QuickBooks customer support team.

Finding the permit key and item number for QuickBooks is fundamental to re-installing the product and keeping cohesion of records and transactions when you move up to another PC. You have a few places that you can search for the two numbers, contingent upon how you bought the product and whether you enrolled it with Intuit. Intuit client support can help you in the occasion you can’t discover the numbers, as long as you have verification of acquisition.

Retrieving the License Number

When you purchase QuickBooks Support through the Intuit online from the web store, Intuit offers you an installer record to download, it’s a very simple approach to download QuickBooks software, you get a permit number with your download, and furthermore an item number to finish the establishment procedure. The item number and permit number are accessible on the web store for a long time, after which Intuit disposes of the purchase record.

In case that you need to move your QuickBooks establishment to another PC, however you don’t have a record of your item number and permit number. Run regedit and see registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Intuit/QuickBooksRegistration/15.0/ace. You can experience the sections with names like License Number and InstallID. InstallID is your item ID and License Number is your permit number. Requiring the QuickBooks specialized help group is the most ideal approach to recover QuickBooks item and permit numbers.

QuickBooks Technical Support Number – Call +18002701894

Permit and item numbers. It is likely that you acquire QuickBooks on the web, you can discover the permit and item numbers in the affirmation email got at the time of obtaining the product. However, there are a lot of these assignments when we are not able to identify the license number and the product key. To know more about these you can contact our customer support team and they would help you retrieve the license number in case you are stuck anywhere. We have experts of the domain who are available 24/7 at your service to guide you, so that you can perform your tasks efficiently with the software.


adminJuly 5, 20177min1700

How to download bank statements into QuickBooks? Download more than 90 days of data.

QuickBooks is one software that provides you with the API to integrate the program with any banking institution of your choice.

Do you know…?

You can download more than 90 days of data directly within Quickbooks. You can simply:

  • Log in to your bank,
  • Download the banking transactions in a CSV format,
  • Upload the same within your Quickbooks accounts.

What is Web Connect…?

The process of downloading and then uploading the banking entries within Quickbooks is what we call as The Web connect. We make use of this feature if a user is facing issues while having a direct connection with the bank. Web Connect is also great when you do not want to connect your Quickbooks account with your Bank account at all. Here is more on how to get started with Web Connect.

How to download bank statements into Quickbooks?

Here are the steps provided for you to download banking entries within your accounting program.

Import transactions from your banking site.

The very first thing you would need to do is to get the entries on your desktop so that you can later upload the same within Quickbooks. This is how you will do that…

  1. Login to your Bank account,
  2. Select the date range and choose the type of account you want to import your entries from.
  3. Choose the file type that can be easily supported by Quickbooks. The most preferred option would be to choose the .csv file type.
  4. Click the download option and your will start to download.

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Upload file in Quickbooks?

Now that you have the file on your system, just simply login to your Quickbooks account and upload the same within the program. This is how you will do that:

  1. Login to your Quickbooks account and from your dashboard click on the “Banking’s tab”. This you can find on the left of your screen.
  2. From the drop-down menu, choose the “Bank” subtab.
  3. Locate the “Update” option from the top of your screen and click on the drop down button beside it.
  4. Here you will see a message stating that “No bank is connected”. Scroll down to select the option that says “Upload entries manually.”
  5. Now choose the file from your desktop. This you can do by clicking on the browse option.
  6. Choose the account where you want to upload the file and choose “Next”. If the account is not already created and choose the “Add new option”. This will allow you to create a new account.
  7. Choose the required fields and columns within Quickbooks that relates to your CSV file. This will help you sync your file in the program without an error.
  8. Choose the finish option and your upload will start.

Connect Bank account to Quickbooks desktop.

If you are frequent in downloading entries from your Bank to Quickbooks then it’s better to connect the two. This way you save yourself from logging in and logging out from your bank and Quickbooks at the same time. Follow the steps to connect your bank with your Quickbooks.

Steps to Connect Bank account to Quickbooks Desktop.

  1. Login to your Quickbooks account and click on the “Connect an account” tab. This you can find on the right of your screen.
  2. This will now open up a new window wherein you can select the financial institution of your choice.
  3. The moment you click on the bank’s tab, you will be then taken to the website of the bank. Log in to your account.
  4. Once logged choose the account you want to connect with the bank. This you can do by clicking the checkbox alongside the accounts name.
  5. Under Quickbooks accounts tab, choose the appropriate account within Quickbooks you want to connect your bank too.
  6. Choose:
    • Account Type: Most likely it will be a bank, and now
    • Detail Type from the options provided.
  7. Once you have applied all the necessary filters, click on the connect option. This will connect your bank account with your settings selected with Quickbooks.
  8. Once you receive a message that your bank is connected, you can be assured that it is.

Still facing issues: Talk to our Quickbooks proadvisor and let him handle your Query. Get in Touch with us at ✆ +1800-270-1894


adminJune 8, 20173min1650

List of QuickBooks Payroll Update Errors with Fixing

QuickBooks is connected to several components and its functioning gets adversely affected whenever any of the connected components has any issues. Have you ever come across the errors such as the Error PS032, Error PS077, and Error PS034 etc? These errors usually occur while downloading the payroll updates. These errors are accompanied with the message ‘QuickBooks is having trouble installing payroll tax table update’. The message may not be exactly like this all the time, but similar to it. However, there is no reason why a QuickBooks user should be worried. These errors can be easily fixed. Moreover, if the issue persists, the QuickBooks Payroll support executives can be contacted as and when required.

Why do the errors PS032, Error PS077, and the Error PS034 etc occur?

QuickBooks Payroll Updates Problems and Error
QuickBooks Payroll Updates Problems and Error

No any particular reason can be pinpointed for the above errors related to the QuickBooks payroll update. These errors indicated one of the following conditions:
✠ A tax table file is damaged or is invalid in the Components/Payroll folder.
✠ It is possible that the QuickBooks software is not registered
✠ The information related to billing is incorrect or outdated.
✠ The QuickBooks company file is corrupted or damaged.
There are several steps to resolve this type of error. It is not necessary of complete all the steps to fix the issue.
Fix 1
First of all, you need to remove the Service key. For this, you need to go to Employees – My Payroll Service – Manage Service Key and then open the QuickBooks Services Keys window. Once the subscription is removed, close and then re-launch QuickBooks and add the Service key back to QuickBooks. In case of more than 1 payroll subscription, you required to contact Intuit for selection. You can then run the payroll update again, this will resolve the issue.
Fix 2
You can Repair QuickBooks and then Download Entire Payroll Update.
The issues may occur with QuickBooks like any other software, but there is no need to panic. The troubleshooting methods are available for every issue occurring with QuickBooks. Moreover, the QuickBooks support professionals are available round the clock and they can be contacted for technical support as and when needed.


adminMay 25, 20174min1290

How TO Fix Error Unable to Display Accountants Changes QuickBooks

The accountants in the small businesses usually face the error message with their QuickBooks software – QuickBooks is unable to display the accountant’s changes when exporting changes from a qba. When viewing, importing, or exporting changes from an accountant’s copy file, you receive the following error message. QuickBooks accounting software is unable to display the accountant’s changes seek for Intuit technical support. Customer facing this issue on EnterpirseSuite edition can contact QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number for instant resolutions .

QuickBooks Accountant's Copy Data Problems
QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy Data Problems

How to Resolve the Problem

Intuit recommends several solutions for this problem. The first solution may solve your problem, or you may need to try all of them to resolve the issue. For best results, perform the solutions in the order shown.
Solution 1: Update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release
Solution 2: Delete temporary internet files from Internet Explorer
Solution 3: Edit account names in the Chart of Accounts and remove special characters. For e.g. < (less than), > (greater than), “(quotation mark) etc.
Solution 4: Convert the transfer file again and re-enter your changes.
➧ Close the Accountant’s Copy (.QBA) file in which the error occurred.
➧ Convert the Accountant’s Copy transfer (.QBX) file to a new Accountant’s Copy file.
Note: You may prefer to change the name or location of the new file.
➧ Re-enter your changes to the new Accountant’s Copy.
➧ Export Accountant’s Changes and send to the client.
Solution 5: Send a General Journal Entry (GJE) file back to the client
➧ Assure both the accountant and the client version is that supports GJE File
➧ In the accountants copy, click Accountant menu -> Send General Journal Entries
➧ Set up the Date Range to current date
➧ Select all pertinent journal entries
➧ Create file and send to client
➧ Remove accountant’s restrictions on the client’s system
➧ Import general journal entry file on the client’s system
➧ The changes made by a journal entry will have to be re-entered directly into client file

If above mentioned solutions fail and the problem persist you can call QuickBooks Proadvisor support number. The QB professionals are technically sound and include expert Pro Advisors, skilled and capable of resolving the error instantly. They are approachable and responsive to client’s doubts and queries through live chat, email, toll free phone number etc.

Contact QuickBooksprofessionals For Fixing Issue

Alternatively you can choose support from third party agencies when the QuickBooks team is engaged for a long time. www.quickbooksprofessionals.com is a reliable QuickBooks Consulting Agency that offers best quality support for error rectification smooth and quick. It roofs highly experienced and knowledgeable QuickBooks professionals who with their combined skills help to resolve the issues. They assure complete error rectification in the minimum wait time. The resolution is complete and assured to be resolved in the minimum wait time. Contact us dialing our toll free help desk number ✆ +1800-270-1894.


adminApril 3, 20171min1320

Is QuickBooks backwards compatible

QuickBooks backward is compatible as it can easily convert and open the files that has been made from the earlier version. The version of QuickBooks have been installed on your system that doesn’t know the future release including the revised data structures.

But you have to keep one thing in mind that most of the new release of QuickBooks that come up with the internal changes to the database so this is the main reason that why the size of the QuickBooks file changes when you usually upgrade the newer version.

For any further help related to your accounting software call our toll free helpline number at ✆ +1800-270-1894 to talk to our quickbooks certified professionals.


adminApril 3, 20173min1600

Progress invoicing in QuickBooks

At present point of time QuickBooks online does not have the feature progress invoicing but there are other two different more options that you can use for getting the similar results that you want, so look below the different options:

  1. You can simply use the balance forward statement so that you can easily show the original invoice, any payments that you have made and the last one is the remaining balance.
  2. Some invoices can be created in advance for equaling the total amount of the job by using a recurring template.

You can easily create a progress invoice but before creating it you just have to be sure that the progress invoicing preference should be set and you should create an estimate for the job using items, now look the below steps that how you can create progress invoice:

  1. Click on create invoices then choose job by clicking the customer job.
  2. After creating the invoices you can simply select the estimate that you want to create a progress invoice against.
  3. You just have to keep one thing I mind that your selection should be based on the type of contract that you have with your customers, not only this if you need more information then you can simply press the help button.
  4. On the windows if specify invoice amounts for the items on estimate appears then simply on ok after that you can also click on print for printing your invoices.
  5. At last once you are satisfied with your invoice that it is being absolutely correct just click on save then close it.

For more info on quickbooks progress invoicing talk to our quickbooks professionals at ✆ +1800-270-1894

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