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QuickBooks Training for QuickBooks Users and Accountants

Our QuickBooks training for QuickBooks Users and Accountants are geared specifically for those who want to become more adapt in working with QuickBooks and for Accountants who want to better serve their QuickBooks Clients. Learn how to make more money by providing training and consulting work for the most popular accounting software program used by small and medium size businesses.

Stay current on QuickBooks Software to maximize your skill. Get trained in most popular accounting software used by 80% of small and medium size businesses, that are constantly gaining it’s market share. Whether you’re an accountant, financial or officer, your practice and your company will benefit from you attending our QuickBooks training seminars. We offer a variety of QuickBooks training seminars designed to meet the training needs of financial and business professionals of all skill levels. Our training are delivered in many ways to best suite your individual company needs: in house (at your business location, live seminar, WevEx, and Tele-conference.

Training Course Description

The “QuickBooks Getting Started” Course

This introductory course is for those who have very little or no experience working with these popular accounting programs. It is also a good refresher course for those who would like to check accounting software proper setup on client system and can be useful to those who want to help their clients implement new features which is not used by clients till yet. This one-day course covers the following topics:

  • Installation, Setup and Customize Options

    • Installation of the software
    • Company Information setup with adequate information about company with periods, methods or their accountancy
    • Options with preferences must be set up properly
    • How can navigate within the Software program by using the Mouse and keywords Shortcut
    • Figure out the accounting chart purpose than customize its accordingly
    • Vendors & Customer set up
    • Define the role and purpose of class
    • Setting up jobs for customers – why and how to use them
    • Sales tax setting
    • Inventory groups & Item set up
    • Employees name and sheet set up
    • Setting up payroll taxes, payroll items and payroll deductions

  • Customers Transaction Processing

    • Quote and Estimate creation for existing clients and Customers
    • Generating template for customer sales receipts,credit memos and invoices
    • Send the invoice to customer with calculation of subcontractor & employees cost & time
    • Customer payment should be posted and deposited in a proper manner
    • Proper records of finance charges So there in no mistakes in Customer Statements

  • Vendor Transactions Processing

    • Creating balance between receiving inventory & purchasing order by adjustments
    • Credit card transactions and vendor invoices must be recorded
    • Payment of credit card bills and vendor invoices

  • Processing Payroll Transactions

    • Using time tracking for payroll
    • Processing paychecks
    • Computing and making payroll tax deposits
    • Computing payroll tax liabilities and preparing payroll tax reports

The “Mastering QuickBooks” Course

This course is designed for those who have taken the “Getting Started & Processing” course or for those who have been working with these programs a while but want to take their knowledge of the software to upgrade level. This one-day course covers the following topics:

  • Tricky Transactions Handling and Periodic Processing

    • At the point when to utilize sales invoices versus sales receipts
    • Accounting of client down payment and deposits
    • Handling customer applying credit memos, over-payments and processing refunds to customers
    • Handling returned checks and charging customers a returned-check fee
    • The most efficient way to enter customer bad – debts in accounts receivable and general ledger
    • Remembering client invoices , estimates and quotes
    • Rrecurring customer invoices set up and posting
    • The most effective method to void checks written in an earlier year (after assessment forms have as of now been readied)
    • Credit Card payment receiving records
    • Recurring vendor invoices posting and set up
    • Adjustment and payment of payroll tax liabilities
    • Setting up and tracking employee loans and garnishments
    • Obtaining additional payroll reports by exporting payroll information to Excel (QuickBooks Only)
    • Altering general record parities, shutting accounts and other year-end contemplations
    • Old transactions, Vendors inventory items ,Inactive customers data must be purged

  • QuickBooks Remote Access

    • Performing accounting and consulting services remotely – QuickBooks Remote Access
    • Internet-based accounting applications – QuickBooks Online Edition
    • Emailing client data files

  • Consulting Tools – Tips and Tricks!

      • Avoid any blunder mistakes which common users does
      • Creation of user login and passwords with restrictions according their roles
      • Speeding the processing and amount for operating on a network by any way
      • Payment reminders and customer invoices Emailing
      • Tasks,due dates and events Set UP
      • Troubleshooting techniques, for recovering or fixing the corrupted & Damage files

  • New Features and Product Comparisons

    • Learn all of the new features in the latest versions of the software
    • Learn the differences in the various products with a side-by-side comparison

  • Customizing Reports & Forms

    • Using the QuickBooks Financial Statement Reporter – NEW Program!
    • Using the QuickBooks Expert Analysis Tool – NEW Feature!
    • Using the QuickBooks Business Plan Tool! – NEW Feature!
    • Customizing financial statements, using report groups. processing multiple reports at one time
    • Customizing reports, memorizing reports and using reports with Microsoft Excel
    • Exporting or Importing inventory items, employees customers and vendors
    • Setting up and utilizing custom fields for clients, sellers, representatives and stock
    • Customizing business forms, adding logos to purchase orders, customer invoices, packing lists
    • Making and remembering custom letters and structures for clients, letters and representatives

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