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How Can You Retrieve QuickBooks License Number?

QuickBooks is an unquestionable requirement that have bookkeeping programming for the associations in the present business world. No industry can make due without Accounting. Overseeing accounts in an appropriate way are the key factor to run organization effectively. In beneath given article you will become acquainted with how to recover your QuickBooks Product and License Numbers effortlessly and in a flash with the assistance of a QuickBooks customer support team.

Finding the permit key and item number for QuickBooks is fundamental to re-installing the product and keeping cohesion of records and transactions when you move up to another PC. You have a few places that you can search for the two numbers, contingent upon how you bought the product and whether you enrolled it with Intuit. Intuit client support can help you in the occasion you can’t discover the numbers, as long as you have verification of acquisition.

Retrieving the License Number

When you purchase QuickBooks Support through the Intuit online from the web store, Intuit offers you an installer record to download, it’s a very simple approach to download QuickBooks software, you get a permit number with your download, and furthermore an item number to finish the establishment procedure. The item number and permit number are accessible on the web store for a long time, after which Intuit disposes of the purchase record.

In case that you need to move your QuickBooks establishment to another PC, however you don’t have a record of your item number and permit number. Run regedit and see registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Intuit/QuickBooksRegistration/15.0/ace. You can experience the sections with names like License Number and InstallID. InstallID is your item ID and License Number is your permit number. Requiring the QuickBooks specialized help group is the most ideal approach to recover QuickBooks item and permit numbers.

QuickBooks Technical Support Number – Call +18002701894

Permit and item numbers. It is likely that you acquire QuickBooks on the web, you can discover the permit and item numbers in the affirmation email got at the time of obtaining the product. However, there are a lot of these assignments when we are not able to identify the license number and the product key. To know more about these you can contact our customer support team and they would help you retrieve the license number in case you are stuck anywhere. We have experts of the domain who are available 24/7 at your service to guide you, so that you can perform your tasks efficiently with the software.


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Is QuickBooks backwards compatible

QuickBooks backward is compatible as it can easily convert and open the files that has been made from the earlier version. The version of QuickBooks have been installed on your system that doesn’t know the future release including the revised data structures.

But you have to keep one thing in mind that most of the new release of QuickBooks that come up with the internal changes to the database so this is the main reason that why the size of the QuickBooks file changes when you usually upgrade the newer version.

For any further help related to your accounting software call our toll free helpline number at ✆ +1800-270-1894 to talk to our quickbooks certified professionals.


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Progress invoicing in QuickBooks

At present point of time QuickBooks online does not have the feature progress invoicing but there are other two different more options that you can use for getting the similar results that you want, so look below the different options:

  1. You can simply use the balance forward statement so that you can easily show the original invoice, any payments that you have made and the last one is the remaining balance.
  2. Some invoices can be created in advance for equaling the total amount of the job by using a recurring template.

You can easily create a progress invoice but before creating it you just have to be sure that the progress invoicing preference should be set and you should create an estimate for the job using items, now look the below steps that how you can create progress invoice:

  1. Click on create invoices then choose job by clicking the customer job.
  2. After creating the invoices you can simply select the estimate that you want to create a progress invoice against.
  3. You just have to keep one thing I mind that your selection should be based on the type of contract that you have with your customers, not only this if you need more information then you can simply press the help button.
  4. On the windows if specify invoice amounts for the items on estimate appears then simply on ok after that you can also click on print for printing your invoices.
  5. At last once you are satisfied with your invoice that it is being absolutely correct just click on save then close it.

For more info on quickbooks progress invoicing talk to our quickbooks professionals at ✆ +1800-270-1894


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How do I download QuickBooks to the another computer.

You can easily download all the things from one to the another computer without losing any of your data, you can follow the different solutions which you feel comfortable in doing:

Solution 1: make the backup of your file and just restore it.

Solution 2: restore your file by using the intuit data protect.

Solution 3: you can simply move your entire QuickBooks data folder and doing this will wont affect your files but if in any case your files are not carried over, you can easily restore the other files which are not included when you are moving a company file.

There are particularly two pieces that works together or you can say in combination for setting up QuickBooks on your new computer, look below the two pieces:

  • The first one is QuickBooks software application.
  • The second is your QuickBooks data file.

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QuickBooks 2010 not responding.

QuickBooks is one of the best software that will make your wok easy but sometimes there comes a situation that your QuickBooks not responds and for correcting it sometimes people press the wrong buttons but you should not do this as it may damage you windows, for solving it you just need to follow the steps that are given below:

  • You just close all your windows that are open and reduce all your file size.
  • Configure your internet security software.
  • There should be no data corruption so you just have to rebuild your file.
  • Reduce the fragmentation of your hard drive.
  • If in any case you are using the enterprise 11 then turn off the search feature after that make the backup of it, by doing this thing QuickBooks will have the update on its search index fly.
  • At last just create and after that restore the backup of your file.

By following all the above steps will help you out to reindex your file so that you probably enhance its performance of a large file.


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QuickBooks closing books

QuickBooks desktop doesn’t require you to close the books, in the end of the fiscal year it automatically make all the preparation for the next year. Now you can look below that what adjustments you can made for QuickBooks closing book and not only this you can also see the advantages of closing and not closing books.

Automatic year end preparation from QuickBooks are:

  • It usually creates on the fiscal year at the starting of your month, it will adjust all your income and expense account so that you can freely start your new fiscal year with the zero net income.
  • On last day your balance sheet will show a line for the net income, QuickBooks increases retained earnings equity amount by the previous year net income and decreases the net income by the same amount. By seeing all these things you will just able to start the new fiscal year from the zero net income.

Advantages of closing books:

  • It has some restricted access.
  • You can do the reporting that means you can review all the changes that has made to the transactions dated.

Advantages of not closing books:

  • You will get the detailed of every transaction.
  • You can easily create comparative reports between this and lat year.

For any further help on quickbooks, get all the help at quickbooks proadvisors technical helpline number at ✆ +1800-270-1894


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QuickBooks job costing training.

If you are unaware about the job costing then I would that if you track your expenses then comparing it with the revenue is the best meaning of QuickBooks job costing training and the most important thing it tells you that how much money you are making and what you need to do it.

If you are running any business you cannot always estimate all the things so you can make your work simple by just comparing your estimated cost with the actual cost. You can also look the detailed instructions that are given below:

  • For each of your job just set up the customer.
  • For optimizing the job costing just set up all your items.
  • Assign all the expenses to your job after doing this thing just enter all your estimates in the QuickBooks desktop.
  • After doing the above things just create invoices.
  • At last you just have to use QuickBooks job cost reports so that you can learn that how your business is doing on the job by job basis.

For any further info on quickbooks job costing training, you can get in touch with quickbooks certified professionals at ✆ +1800-270-1894


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QuickBooks frozen

QuickBooks is the topmost software that will make your work as simple as possible, the time when it has come into market till the today date it has being always on the top. But sometimes you might be aware of it that QuickBooks create some different types of errors and the one of the error is when ‘QuickBooks is frozen’.

You can look below the various solutions that will surely going to help you in removing this frozen error:

Solution 1: before opening QuickBooks just run reboot.bat.

Solution 2: till the time when your QuickBooks is open just suppress your desktop.

Solution 3: start the company file by pressing and holding alt key till the sign in window starts, then at last start QuickBooks after that run the QuickBooks as administrator.

By following any of the above solution you will definitely able to solve all the error that you are facing. But if you still are facing any issues then you can get all the help from quickbooks technical support proadvisors by calling them at ✆ +1800-270-1894


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QuickBooks online screenshots.

QuickBooks accounting software is one of the revolutionary products that we have today. It not only helps in smooth functioning of our business operations but allows in keeping our accounting safe. It has paved the way for the users with the potential features that has simplified the business management. With the advanced tools, the software is capable of providing business insights and fix simple errors automatically. This saves time that can be utilized by the user to plan business strategies.

QuickBooks online screenshots: Printing shots the Right way.

There are times when you need to explain a particular thing to someone you need to be elaborative or can take a screenshot to explain your thing in a better manner. Screenshots explain a particular thing in a better way. Taking screenshots may be confusing if you do not know how to take them in a right way. Taking QuickBooks Online screen shots is simple like child’s play. Below listed steps will help you to take screenshots without any hassle.

QuickBooks Online screenshots: An easy to explain.

Screenshots can be beneficial to use in forums. In case the user is facing specific errors with QuickBooks and seeking solutions to resolve the issue. Screenshots can explain the problem in a better way and the solutions can be garnered quickly.

These also help in better understanding of the reports generated. The view of the screenshots helps to explain the business statistics in a better way.

Steps on how to take QuickBooks Online screenshots.

Follow the easy steps to take screenshot and present and better presentation for better understanding.

  • Click a picture with your smart phone
  • Open Microsoft Windows
  • Paste the image that you clicked
  • Select start -> programs -> accessories -> snipping tool
  • A screen appears and you need to follow the instructions displayed in your screen
  • Finally, you are able to take the online screenshots.

Just a few steps and there you are taking screenshots. In case you are not convinced with the above steps you can prefer another solution steps:

  • Pull up the Windows for the screen you desire to print
  • Press ALT+Prtscn/sysrq

Both the solutions mentioned above will help you. If the first method fails the second method for sure will help you. The second solution is preferred when you do not have the print screen feature inside the QuickBooks program. The solutions comprise of very steps that help in fixing the issue.

Hope you have now found a fix. But if you are still looking for “How to take Quickbooks online screenshots” then you can Contact QuickBooks customer care support number. For garnering instant resolution you can opt the live chat option. It connects with the QuickBooks representative who is capable of offering quick resolution steps for your problem.

There are other third-party QuickBooks consulting agencies that you can choose to connect. QBprofessionals.com is one of the reliable agencies that roofs expert support team for QuickBooks. They are certified ProAdvisors who have extensive knowledge in handling QuickBooks issues and providing resolutions. They assure first call resolution in the minimum wait time.

Call the toll free phone number  ✆ +1800-270-1894 and fetch assistance from our effective ProAdvisors.

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In QuickBooks there are many tools which are used to fix specific issues which they are made for such issues are fixed by the tools .When QuickBooks is facing a issue where the problem is not detected in such cases QuickBooks diagnostic tool is very helpful because it takes the situation where the error has occurred and fixes the issue manually by the user once it is seen.


  • exe is a extension through which the diagnostic tool is installed and run.
  • Such tools take care of minor as well as all major errors.
  • This tool helps in the programming language errors which happens in QuickBooks
  • exe file is always there with the QuickBooks as this tool is one of the important parts of QuickBooks.

Features of Quickbooksinstalldiagnostictool.exe:

  • It has the unique data detection by which it helps to diagnose the background also where the error might have occurred
  • In the C drive the intuit QuickBooks folder Quickbooksinstalldiagnostictool.exe file already exists to run whenever needed.
  • It fixes the issue after diagnosing by reinstalling the programming language where the error has occurred.

If you need more help on Quickbooks installation diagnostic tool call our quickbooks professionals at ✆ +1800-270-1894

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