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Apple Pay integration with Quickbooks Online   

October 2016 has been a month of full of action as QuickBooks has moved on quite a bit in the integration this month with other platforms and sensing the growth of Apple users and specially with the growth of Apple pay latest Mobile payment solution where users can pay using their iWatch or iPhone and if this is integrated directly in to the POS or accounting it can be big plus.


With the announcement coming directly from QuickBooks that it has given a facility to its small business to collect and pay invoices from its vendors and customers using Apple pay. With the Apple pay integration it has given ease to the businesses to save time and money by keeping a track of all the transactions done through the platform in a seamless environment.

Here are some of the Benefits using Apple Pay on QuickBooks:

Faster and easy payment method: As there is lot of growth in Mobile payments it becomes more or less mandatory for small businesses to offer them to its consumers as it provides the consumer easy and quick payments as they can make a payment just by a click of a button.

More traction to QuickBooks Online: There is and in future Apple pay will have a large base of consumers and businesses using it thus it becomes really important for QuickBooks to be a part of the bandwagon not only it will provide simpler payments solution but also it will attract more small business owners to opt for QuickBooks as their preferred accounting software.

If you are a QuickBooks user and you should be looking at integrating Quicbooks with Paypal, and Gsuite as well.


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